[PCB manufacturing] Optimistic Outlook For Future Resource Optimization



At present, the global epidemic situation will not only have a lasting and long-term impact on the economy, but also promote fundamental changes in the economy. Under the trend of globalization, the major companies outsource their production business to all parts of the world, so that the products can be put on the market in time and the storage cost can be reduced. Covid-19 epidemic makes people realize that when the events that change the world pattern appear and break the long-standing convention, it is self-evident that the importance of resource organization to ensure the company can continue to operate normally.


The current covid-19 epidemic has prompted the industry to reconsider outsourcing manufacturing. Even though most PCB assembly manufacturer are regarded as "indispensable links", logistics alone has many challenges. Because employees may be limited by social distance or unwilling to return to the company. Given the skills and training needed by employees in these industries, this situation is unlikely to improve in the short term. Cam service company specialized in PCB engineering design has established the corresponding work structure to ensure the continuity of operation. 15 or 20 years ago, Indian manufacturers were more prepared to deal with today's blockade by producing redundant and standby products to compensate for the effects of infrastructure deficiencies and power failures.


  1. problem
    Whether it is to adjust the existing process or to adopt a new process, there will be various voices of opposition.
  3. Opponents worry about:
  4. Security and confidentiality


If the partner is a reliable company with perfect infrastructure, then the data security must be very strong. Multinationals are currently outsourcing work in health, insurance, finance and technology to Indian companies. Medical treatment requires high security.


·Itar work:

These are related to restrictions on the handling of foreign citizens. Most PCB board manufacturer will only process some orders with Itar identification. Many customers have long been able to obtain TAA approval from the U.S. Department of defense. Indian engineers can legally process Itar orders for North American customers.


·American workers:

If American manufacturers want to continue to grow, they need a large number of workers with certain education (preferably community colleges) and training and relevant experience, but the reality is that such workers are far from enough. Companies cannot hire, train and retain workers. In recent years, this situation is even more important than potential cost savings.


·Refuse to change

People have gradually overcome this mentality. Just like the materials and equipment produced overseas, offshore PCB production has become more and more common to adapt to large quantities and low prices.

It is worth noting that the world's largest multinational PCB manufacturer service will complete the front-end engineering design work in their own exclusive internal factories abroad. These factories include the PCB factory in Europe and North America, as well as in Asia.

  1. Skyla team

When India's prime minister announced at the end of March that the country was in a "state of blockade," Skyla's engineers were all telecommuting, with no impact on service capabilities. Some small cam companies do not have this kind of quick response ability, or some companies have no ability to continue operation. In South India, the stability of network connectivity is no different from that of the United States, but other states and regions are powerless. They received 24 hours' notice before the blockade, and then they stopped.

The Skyla team has readjusted their working hours to accommodate the additional requirements of being unable to return to work or being able to work normally due to us employees. Several cam suppliers are mature large companies that are ready or likely to expand production capacity and have implemented safeguards to maintain security.


For the most part, there has not been a perceptible slowdown in business activity. Of course, that will change. In the short term, all resources are in place. If PCB factory outsource their business to small Indian suppliers with insufficient resources, they need to deal with the most basic needs. While the company has been seeking to expand its production capacity by using its own engineering resources. In some cases, people may not have known that Itar work can be outsourced to qualified, registered companies under controlled conditions.



Given the huge losses in global financial markets since February this year, companies are likely to abandon just in time production and switch to more geographically close supply chains, with enough redundant capacity to cope with future emergencies. This approach may lead to short-term profit reduction, but it can make the whole system more flexible.

Similar supportability redundancy can also be achieved using mature off shore computer aided manufacturing (CAM) services. 20 years ago, cam services in India were introduced into the PCB industry as a cost-effective and complementary way to supplement the front-end engineering design capabilities of internal production. The top management of each company has adopted this mode of production because they realize that they need to create or remain competitive, especially when competing with offshore manufacturers. Cam managers in PCB manufacturing companies have found that this approach can ensure continuous output or cope with sudden and sharp increase in orders, especially in the context of the scarcity of experienced cam labor.

In addition, other advantages include:
 ·More reasonable schedule:

Orders are sent in the afternoon. Due to half a day's time difference, the completed orders can be received the next morning.


 ·Continuity and dependence:

There will be no possibility of workers asking for sick leave or not arranging work or mistaking time.


 ·Higher quality, fewer errors:

This is because the operator's skill level (with college degree or above) is excellent and specialized in PCB cam field, and the high-quality equipment used can also dynamically adjust the specification requirements or work instructions according to the actual situation.


 ·Wage Economics Quality inspectors and other spare labor can be employed.



 Designated employees are only responsible for the production orders of the same customer, so they will be very familiar with the work content.


·Virtual training and online operation ability

These capabilities have recently highlighted their great advantages.


Looking forward to the future

The reason why offshore PCB design will be adopted in the field of offshore PCB manufacturing is inevitable. There are many time-consuming and labor-consuming links, including:

It is very important for manufacturing work, but it is usually done after the fact, and the internal capacity of the company is limited;


 ·BOM management

Renaming or removing parts that have been submitted for production preparation documents;


 ·Comparison between BOM and CAD

Compare the components in BOM with those in CAD;


 ·Polarity audit

 ·Positioning mark

 Placement machine programming

 Factory workshop assembly documents

Other "back office support" activities can also be outsourced, including inquiry preparation, order planning, staffing and logistics support. In fact, the whole supply chain can be simplified. For example, the process of selecting a cam service provider can be similar to hiring employees, that is, background checks, trial performance and all appropriate due diligence.


Obviously, for most of the world's 7.8 billion people, this covid-19 may be the most serious global crisis they have encountered in this century. After the health problems are relieved, the financial crisis and economic crisis caused by the epidemic will continue for a long time. The "normality" and rules that we now accept will no longer apply. Since February 2020, human beings have taken some measures that have never been taken before, such as
 ·Some of the homeless have been resettled;

 ·Although no fee has been paid, the water and electricity supply has not been cut off;


·The days of paid sick leave are extended;

·Student loans are frozen and may be completely abolished;

·Most of them wear masks and keep six feet apart from each other;

·It is unprecedented for skilled workers who are considered "essential to the workplace" to be able to work remotely from home;

 ·People use zoom or other similar software to hold "online meetings.";

 ·Use UAVs to transport drugs or other items.
 If we apply these practices to the PCB manufacturing and assembly industry, the following situations may occur:
 ·Through the team viewer and zoom software, we can complete the relevant matters of starting new customers;

 ·Hold quality meetings regularly to ensure that specifications are current and dynamically adjustable, including root cause analysis and corrective actions;

 ·Re examine and adjust the rules and regulations related to "export";

 ·If a large number of manufacturing industries move back to the United States, the management of each company can quickly adjust the scale of new customers;

 ·Remote training of offshore service providers can avoid the trouble of visa application and business trip, which is in line with the current trend of limiting travel costs;

 ·UAV can be used to transport Allegro or necessary components to reduce supply chain costs;

 ·Augmented reality will eventually replace new equipment installation and training.


  1.  summary
    When we get out of the current predicament (which we will be able to do at some point in the future), this epidemic will also bring positive aspects to all people - better air quality, smoother transportation, more stable greenhouse gas emissions, more comprehensive health care, lower oil prices, etc.