Thermal PCB

LED lighting is a growing and promising technology that is changing the way we use lighting. The use of LED in consumer, industrial, medical and automotives is posing an ever more demanding requirement on heat transfer away from the LED die.

Both life expectancy and light output are highly correlated to the junction temp of the LED Die.

Altus Offers the following for your LED PCB:

  • Thermally conductive laminates from 1.6 W/mK to 3 Ws/mK

  • Aluminum and copper based – MCPCB

  • Aluminum base from 0.020″ – 0.190″

  • Copper base from 0.020″ – 0.125″

  • Circuitry Copper thickness from 35um – 350um

  • Multi layer MCPCB constructions

  • Special stack ups to optimize heat transfer

  • Thermal conductive plugging materials

  • Solid copper plugged vias

  • Thermal vias in high aspect ratio